Bronze Breacher


Snowflakes, fine as ash from an extinguished house fire, fall on the whale. They settle and then melt on nearby truck tractors, a screaming-red crane, and the concrete slab to which the whale is bolted. The city fathers promise that one day, the bronze humpback whale will breach over a summer garden. It will entice cruise ship tourists to walk a mile down the multi-million dollar sea walk, away from the Franklin Street jewelry stores and Tee shirt shops. But now, the whale breaches in a construction yard, as startling as a sunflower in Antarctica.


4 thoughts on “Bronze Breacher

  1. Dan Branch Post author

    It showed up in town last summer. Skip Wallen is the artist. You probably remember the brown bear statute he made for in front of the courthouse. (Windfall Fisherman).

  2. AndonisR

    Nice post! The whale although a bit obscure there, it is also a symbol somehow of the place! It makes me dream of visiting this place one day..!


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