Climbing Mt. Troy


Aki is home not here with me. Dogs aren’t allowed on this climb. I’m on the east summit of Mt. Troy looking down on Seymour Canal, a fjord I’ve used several times to gain kayak access to the heart of Admiralty Island. A line of gnome-like spruce marks the edge of cliff that we must skirt before dropping down in the Dan Mollar trail. Maybe it’s the storm clouds building over Admiralty or just a primitive need to be less exposed, but I want to be closer to sea level.


This morning over coffee, I dreaded the climb through forest and then open bowls to the summit. But, I found myself enjoying the slow and steady tromp up the steep slopes. It helped that each place we stopped for a break offered a better view than the last one. It’s didn’t hurt that we had sunshine without wind, and moderate temperatures. I also had good company. Now I must get out my heavy-duty plastic bag and use it to slide off the summit.


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