Good Movie


There is nothing I can do about the clouds over Gastineau Channel, no way I can improve the sunrise. But the little dog and I, wanting to enjoy another day in paradise, head out to False Outer Point. We will have to race the tide around the point and cross by the tiny headlands before the beach floods.

As it has since we woke up this morning, the sun illuminates the mountain peaks but leaves all else dominated by clouds except for the Chilkat Range on the far side of Lynn Canal. They shine from ridge top to seawater.


A sea lion near the point surfaces for a few quick breaths and then makes a shallow dive. He spy hops when Aki barks, then disappears, leaving us alone except for the raft of harlequin ducks just offshore. In minutes they take flight. I spot a kingfisher hunkered down on a large beach rock that leaves when I try to photograph him. Maybe he moved to avoid a bald eagle that flies over our head and the kingfisher’s perch, extends both talons and rocks toward the sea like a parachutist.


The sun has gained full purchase over the glacier and its surrounding mountains but we remain in shade. This time of year, we can’t expect daylight on the east side of Douglas Island. I enjoy the pull of this bright land that we cannot touch. It’s like watching a movie in the dark.



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