Comfort Zones


As we round False Outer Point I spot an immature bald eagle perched on a nearby rock. Expecting it to fly off, I take a few pictures of the bird even though it is backlit. The big bird slowly turns it head right, then left but doesn’t move. The topography forces us to come within fifty feet of the eagle, well within our eagles’ usual privacy zone. Bur this one is still on its rock when we pass through the choke point and reach the next headland. “What’s the deal with this eagle, little dog?” She ignores me like she did the eagle.


We keep moving to make it around a series of headlands before the tide floods the trail home. Around the last one, another eagle squats on an offshore rock. This one flies off before I can find the right setting on the camera. But ten feet away, a tiny sparrow preens on a surf-rounded rock.



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