Faint Rainbows


Photo bombed by Leaf

Last weekend’s snow caught out the berry bushes along Outer Point Trail. This morning some, weighed down with snow, partially block our way to the beach. Seeing crisp, green leaves entombed in frozen snow and the oranges and yellows of turning foliage emerging through cold, white clumps, I wonder if nature is struggling to adapt to our changing climate.


Aki stops to sniff at a fresh set of deer tracks when sunlight suddenly brightens the muskeg meadow we pass through. It also reaches out into Lynn Canal, exciting a rainbow into existence. The bow arcs over Shaman Island and ends in a wall of gray clouds. Back home I will question ever seeing the rainbow as it appears as a faint smear of colors in the photos I took of the island.


We find the other end of the rainbow when I stop on the way home to wrack seaweed at the North Douglas Island boat ramp. It slices across the face of Mendenhall Glacier and into Fritz Cove. I remember God’s promise to Noah never again to inundate the world with water. The recent accords on climate change may help God keep his promise. But even through the rainbow, I can see evidence of the glacier’s melting retreat.



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