I feel cheated out of three weeks of summer. Just barely one week into August and already the devil’s club leaves yellow and chlorophyll drains out of skunk cabbage. We don’t even have sun to enrich the autumn colors. A soft, steady rain drenches Aki and I as we climb up the Dan Moller Trail. The rain does not distract the dog from the abundant number of pee-mail messages left on the trailside brush. It’s a different story when we reach the first open meadow and cross it on a deteriorating wood plank trail. Here she shakes off what rain she can and stares at the fool who actually wants to continue up the trail. I know how this story will end but want to prolong the meadow visit long enough to sample the low bush blueberries. They too confirm the departure of summer. While some bushes wear fall colors most are still green. Even so, most have already dropped their berries. The few blues I harvest are bitter.



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