Early Summer


A recent stretch of warm, sunny days must has encouraged the more cautious forest plants to throw in with summer. Skunk cabbage leaves tower above my diminutive little dog. The broad, thorny leaves of devil’s club tower above me. At our feet, downward-facing shy maiden flowers tower above busy insects.


Optimistic blue berry and huckleberry plants set their bell-like blossoms a month ago. In a landscape dominated by green, clusters of the white or pink flowers caught my eye and that of pollinators . Now, as if hoping to hide from hungry bugs, the resulting berries are as monochrome as their mother plant’s leaves and branches. In another month or two, when heavy with fertile seeds, the blueberries will live up to their name; the huckleberries will turn a seductive red or purple. I’ll serve out their sweet fruit to the little dog with hands stained berry-blue.


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