Aki’s Psychic Powers


Aki is trying to use her psychic powers again. She stops at each trail junction and forms a resolute, staring statue with a snout that points in her preferred direction. If I take her path of choice, she scoots past me and sniffs her way to the next trail junction. When I choose poorly, the little dog holds her ground, looking like a tiny Jedi that hasn’t mastered mind tricks. Just before I move out of her sight, she will dash up, give what looks like a derisive look, and forge ahead to the next junction. When we reach the narrow Gold Creek Bridge, the little dog throws on the brakes. I know from past walks down this trail, that Aki will not cross the bridge on her own so I carry her across. Normally she does a little victory trot down the trail after I set her on the ground. But today she waits for me to take the lead—a sure sign that she smells the bear that crossed this ground during the night.



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