Ravens Always Win


I don’t expect much drama on our Downtown walk. Because it offers a banquet of smells and even the odd chance for a scrap of food, Aki loves our route. I enjoy the way Gold Street plunges from Chicken Ridge and then jams into Gastineau Street, with its views of the channel, the backs of the Alaska Hotel, and the ruins of the old AJ Mine.


Even with the tourists ships in warmer waters, the whales in Hawaii, and our bears asleep, I find some visual drama. But, not from he Gastineau Street ravens, who drip casualness from their alder perches above the homeless shelter. But those that cruise the empty docks are jumpy and quick to fly. So are the gulls.


After climbing Main Street, past the capitol building, to Chicken Ridge we stumble on an aerial dog flight between our neighborhood eagles and ravens. The eagles look like they are hunting. Above then, four ravens make spiral climbs and then dive on the poachers. As is almost always the case, the ravens drive the eagles from their sky.


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