Swan Among the Geese

footsteps.jpgThis morning, Aki and her two humans cruised the semi-frozen wetlands. At the grassland’s edge, the ebbing tide revealed great expanses of sand over which the poodle-mix chased her Frisbee. A great gathering of Canada geese cackled together near Sunny Point, a name made ironic by the flat gray light and clouds that distributed snow pellets on Aki’s gray curls. Eagles, chased from the dump by cracker shells flew over the geese, set some to flight. Most of the Canadians stayed on the ground as did a single swan, its white-feathered body drawing my attention like a candle flame would on a dark night. The geese are local boys, commonly seen on this broad stretch of grassland. But a swan alone in mid-winter is a weather omen, sign of climate change, or just a confused bird.



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