Winter Storm Warning

flumeJuneau is enjoying its first winter storm warning. At least Aki is enjoying it. Yesterday we went cross-country skiing. Today, with the snow shoveled off our driveway, the little dog and I walk from Chicken Ridge to the flume trail. We slip and slide past the Basin Road craftsmen homes, their bright colors muted by eight inches of new snow, and cross the old wooden trestle bridge to Gold Creek valley. After a short walk on the planked-covered water flume, the little dog and I take a tricky trail down to the creek. We meet a man in tourist clothes who just negotiated a flooded section of trail. “Wow. Snow. We don’t see that in San Diego.” I smile and walk on. In minutes I wish I had asked him where he was going. It’s 32 degrees and with the flat light, it is easy to lose your way. Then he’d wished he had never left the sunshine state.creek


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