Two Treats

fernsOn this Halloween, a traditional day for surprises, Aki and I enjoy two pleasant ones on our walk up Fish Creek. The first is the smell of just sawn spruce and the man who sawed it. He and his new pile of hewn trail boards stand in a pool of bright light. The fast moving sun will soon shift away his spotlight and turn it on some filaments of spider web and strands of old man’s beard, still wet with last night’s rain, that nearby decorate blue berry twigs. Wind blew down the spruce tree last winter and the man’s hobby is to use his saw to improve trails. So, the logger didn’t down a live tree. His efforts produced a treat, not a

Further up the trail Aki alerts to a gang of five ouzels that fly low over the creek like WWII torpedo planes. They drop themselves, not torpedoes into the creek water but the effect is as deadly for their prey. Afterwards they collect themselves on midstream rocks to do their little bouncing dance. One calmly walks into the water. Another treat.ouzel

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