From Water You Came

berg 2Aki has little patience for me when we reach Skater’s Cabin. She wants out of the car and onto the ground where so many of Juneau’s dogs are exercised. I am in almost as much hurry to see the glacier reflected in Mendenhall Lake.berg

Between autumn storms we have a calm, sunny break. We also have the place to ourselves. Way off in the closed campground we can hear kids blowing off steam as they ride bikes on asphalted now free of cars.pond

Aki and I keep to the lakeshore and find the remnant of iceberg that has grounded just off the beach. From one angle it looks like an angel that spread its winds to skim just above the water. This is old ice, maybe ancient stuff that will melt into nothing if winter doesn’t arrive soon. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. From water you came, to water you will go.glacier

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