Wind and sand

akiShinny, tall and black, and object draws my eye as it appears and disappears among the waves in Gastineau Channel. The object attracts my attention like I’d be attracted to a killer whale’s dorsal fin. But is it only a fragment of a spruce tree being driven toward Juneau by the same wind that blows Aki’s earflaps away from her face. The wind seems to stun the little dog. She stands stiff and still for a few seconds, barks, and starts dashing out circles in the soft beach sand. I get down on one knee and try to photograph her moves. She speeds up, makes it a game to avoid being photographed. I only manage to catch her in far edge of one frame. Is she had been a little quicker, I’d would have never realized how deep her front right paw sank into the sand just before she snapped off the

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