Craftsmen’s Dam


Yesterday Aki and I harvested blueberries. Well, Aki’s other human and I picked berries when we weren’t throwing her Frisbee. All the little dog did was chased it or dig it out from beneath clumps of berry brush. (She was kind of a pest about it.).

dam         Yesterday we had sunshine and comfortably warm temperatures. Today, it is cool and rainy. Ali still chases her Frisbee while we check out an old cement dam near one of the mountain meadows. This requires climbing into and out of a small ravine that requires the help of ropes. Aki manages on her own even with her precious Frisbee in her mouth.

pine         The dam, a little gem, was poured at a time when Juneau was full of craftsmen, a time before plywood and pressure treated wood, a time of pride. The Treadwell ruins are full of the old craftsmen’s work: cast rails and wheels, gears and water baffles. The little dam spans a diminutive creek with a graceful arc. The builders provided a crossing path on top bordered on each side by a waist-high wall. This path could lead to a Frank Lloyd Wright house or across an English moat.


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