Backfilled with Peace


We have sun again, which on this Sunday afternoon has filled the trailhead parking lots with cars and trucks. I drive to road’s end and still find two vehicles in the cul-de-sac. Everyone must have taken the boardwalk trail to the beach because we have the dirt path through the woods to ourselves. Well, that is not quite true. An opinionated eagle yells at us as I pick blue berries near his tree. I’m a little disgusted to find his poop spoiling a fine spray of berries and then I think, how cool is it that an eagle fertilized the berry brush and now comments on my picking technique. Nice to have interesting neighbors.

blurdI relax into the picking, leaving berries on the bushes so Aki won’t get too bored. She gives me that look after she has surveyed all the local scent. Leaving fat, sweet berries doesn’t bother me this early in the season. I’m picking for morning breakfasts now, not to put a winter’s supply in the freezer. In the fall, when the berries are a mix of those late to ripen and mere sacks of juice and we have to wear rain gear against the wet, we will pick the needed gallons. But today, when sunlight illuminates the still fresh foliage and I can walk anywhere in trainers, I pick for the sweetness and the peace that fills in spaces left when worry leaves.



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