Sap Green


After this morning’s walk up Perseverance Trail, I search the Cotman color chart for name the yellow-green of back-lit cottonwood leaves and come up with “Sap Green.” The name fits since rising sap feeds them.

Aki and I saw a wall of sap green leaves when we reached the Basin Road trestle bridge after slowing progressing past a line of craftsmen houses built for miners 80 years ago. The little dog had to check each urinary message and great all the dogs being walked by owners about to head off to work.

The bridge was in shadow but on the flank of Mt. Juneau the great cottonwoods of the Gold Creek valley were enriched by early morning light. The rising sun was already darkening the leaves. With camera in hand, I walked across the bridge in quiet mode as if beauty were a deer about to bolt.



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