Maybe This Was Not Such a Good Idea


Aki runs wide circles around me in the troll woods as I walk down a little used trail in the troll woods. I feel like General Robert E. Lee must have felt with J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry reconnoitering his flank near Gettysburg. The quirky Stuart injected much uncertainty into Lee’s Pennsylvania campaign. My little dog, ear flaps bouncing with every step, charges across moraine covered with thick, electric green moss, leaps over a beaver felled tree and dives under a tangle of blueberry brush. I am happy for her evident joy but also worried about her possible run in with a porcupine or bear. I just exchanged bear sighting stories with another dog walker who warned of the presence of a sow with three cubs. Should I even be here, so deep in a forest on a trail that dips through country that blocks my view beyond 10 or 20 feet? As usual, I only have this kind of conversation with myself when we are halfway through a place we probably shouldn’t have entered.



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