Scars Made Visible by Snow


Relatively warm fog obscures everything but this mountain meadow and nearby trees. I know it’s warm. The sound of free flowing groundwater and snow texture on the trail testifies that it is well above freezing. But even my heavy winter gloves can’t warm my hands after I expose them when taking photographs. The moist fog is almost as efficient at removing body heat as cold water. The snow provides good purchase for Aki’s paws. She exploits it by dashing back and forth, sometimes stopping suddenly so she can enjoy the resulting slide.


By eliminating their visible competition, the fog provides a nice stage for the twisted meadow pines. Recently fallen snow dapples the meadow with a pinto pattern and partially fills twin wounds made by the wheels of an all terrain vehicle. The muskeg plants will eventually heal the scar but it will take many years. I’m wondering why the ATV guy drove in a cloud of noise and hydrocarbons to cut a path across a meadow that could be walked in twenty minutes. Was he or she a thoughtless yob or just someone who needed to leave proof of a sad life on earth.


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