The Sun Can’t Shine Everyday

5th streetThere is little to like about today. With its 38 degrees F. temperature and persistent rain, it invites depression. Yesterday was better; colder with no rain. We skied along Montana Creek, perhaps for the last time until winter returns. Only lack of food or friends depresses Aki. She enjoys this walk through Downtown Juneau. We pass the hostel, now housing the residents of the Glory Hole because a burst pipe made the homeless shelter uninhabitable. A man in the warm clothes of the street sits on the porch swing, talking on a cell phone.

channel            I drag Aki up 5th Street. She resists this diversion from our normal route until a dog calls out from his yard up the street. The street climbs up to the forest, now partially hidden by fog. I’m thankful for the guy who painted his house such a beautiful blue and the person who parked the bright red Mini Cooper on the street. Even the blue-lidded recycle bin brings some life to the gray scene. Later we walk by gulls that stand motionless on the Steamship dock supports. They ignore the little dog as they shower in the rain.gull

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