Forest Calm

P1140298Small domes of rain water occupy the crotches of lupine and camp out on the open plains of ferns and this twisted stalk plant. We step over leaves and twigs scattered on the Eagle River Trail by yesterday’s storm. The mid-summer forest is again a place of peace.

With the understory plants in high summer foliage and moss coloring much of the standing trees, a watercolorist could capture the forest’s emotion with a few tubes of green pigment. Peace and calm come from the restful colors but also, perhaps, from the abundance of oxygen exhaled by the forest.

Mosquitos swarm me every time I stop to photograph the green. Normally a slapper, I try to honor their lives until they leave a line of irritating bumps along the bottom edge of my hat. Even after that I can only roll them off.

P1140319We heard some slight road noise at the beginning of this walk but deep in the forest only thrush song rises above the river’s white noise. Near a meadow dominated by purple lupine the thrush breaks cover to fly onto a spruce limb. She watches in silence until the little dog and I drop onto the meadow. If not for the bugs, I would wait in the green for her song.P1140309


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