Carpe Diem

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAki, will we pay for this long stretch of warmth in January? The temperature has held above 40 degrees F. for days at a time.  To our winter-hardened bodies, it feels like spring. Yesterday it rained hard but today we will have sun if the fog burns off. Aki doesn’t sacrifice today’s chance for joy to appease the gods of winter. Trying to follow my little dog’s lead, I enjoy, without much guilt, the warmth. While she stands guard over Seventh Street from her outpost on the couch, I’m upstairs watching channel fog glowing with sunlight.  Earlier we skied over a trail reduced by warmth and rain, stopping to watch the glacier appear from behind a soft white wall. I remembered prior winter warm spells and how I feared we would somehow be punished by Taku conditions in February if I enjoyed the warmth. Winds named for the glacier they cross to make our lives miserable, the Takus blow when the sun shines and the temperatures are low. They rattle down on Chicken Ridge as our heater struggles to keep the house livable. Realizing that cold winds may blow in February, whether I enjoy the comfortable beauty on offer today, I put them out of mind.  Carpe diem should be my motto, as long as there are enough fish in the freezer, and fuel oil in the tank. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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