Racing Dusk

P1120374After spending the morning inside looking out at sun shinning on frost, I was anxious to walk in the sunlight. Its source, traveling on a low arc above the mountains of Douglass Island, was about to drop out of view until tomorrow.  Dusk had already reached Chicken Ridge and crawled north along Gasteneau Channel as we drove toward the glacier.  We reached daylight just before the Walmart turn off, where it flooded the wetlands, then exposed by low tide. P1120338

Aki shot out of the car and down into tidal zone. I followed, taking pictures of  frost covered grass and ice covered streams—-anything sparkling in the retreating sun. Dusk replaced daylight in ten minutes but the grasslands, now covered with a sheet of refrozen snow, still glowed as if giving back light taken during the short day. Long blades of grass flowed in and out of the ice. When ice free the grass lay just above the frozen ground in patterns formed by the retreating tide. P1120322

Aki chased a phantom through still standing grass—springing rather than running like the antelopes on my grandfather’s ranch. P1120367


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