Remnant of Summer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen sunshines here in late August, on a day designated for rain by the weatherman, you do something special.  Aki sensing something is up, follows me around the house. Her little toe nails click on the floor as she traces my steps around the kitchen. Her other human and I assemble a picnic lunch and collect canoeing supplies. We also pack the cut down soy sauce jugs used for berry picking. The little dog’s excitement grows with the pile building near the front door.

After securing the canoe to the car we head out to Mendenhall Lake then paddle over to a spot known for its crop of low bush blueberries. Aki paces back and forth in the canoe as we move across the lake, squeaking now and then with excitement.  With the air clear from the recent rain storm, everything sparkles from deep blue sky to dirty white glacial ice to metal gray lake water. Yellowing leaves of shoreside willows add some balance from the warmer side of the color wheel.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile looking for the best blue berry patches I find this dragonfly with beautiful turquoise and black body but dull transparent wings. The left edges of both sets are damaged by what looks like bite marks. We harvest a litre of sweet blues. Aki eats some from our hands but refuses to pick her own, lazy thing. I feel lazy too and nap for a bit on the beach while the little dog stands guard.

The sun still yields it’s summer strength in protected areas but the wind now flowing over glacier ice is autumnal. Already clouds obscure the Mendenhall Towers and dapple glacial ice with shadow. Fall is almost here but now we have a litre of summer to carry us through the first few weeks.


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