Signs from Canada


I am still in Anchorage, 1200 miles away from Aki, riding a rental bike each morning before classes begin. The sun shines down on the Chester Creek Trail on this morning’s ride, at one place striking Canada’s beautiful red and white maple leaf flag as it hangs next to a Stars and Stripes still in shadow. I catch the translucent thing through the forks of a birch tree while flying down the trail. Is it a sign?

The plan was to ride all the way to Cook Inlet and back but a gang of Canada Geese, maybe 30 or 40 derailed me. They occupy the entire bike path near the bottom of Westchester Lagoon. A jogger on the other side of the geese waits a respectful time then slowly chugs through, Moses like, while the Geese part—driven by an unseen hand or common sense. At this time of the day either explanation works.

The geese close in behind the jogger to retake the ground. Not feeling the jogger’s power, I turn around and pedal back to the dorm, passing a surly looking group of chubby birds standing motionless in the water.


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