The warm wind


Today the sunny warm weather continues but there is warm wind. It blows down Lynn Canal, raising lines of choppy waves to march upon Juneau. Aki and I watch from the safety of second growth woods near Amalga Harbor. The warm wind agitates Aki but relaxes me wearing only jeans, a short sleeve T shirt and ball cap.

Passing through the wind dappled forest we spot wild flowers in unexpected places. My favorite are two star shaped flowers, each growing out of their own plants, each white, shaped like Austrian Edelweiss. No high country meadow this.

L1210204Leaving the forest we walk over slabs of brown and gray rocks tattooed by lichen. The outlet stream to Peterson Creek Salt Chuck cuts channels through the rocky tumble. We could cross over them to extend the walk but at the cost of wet feet. Instead I watch an eagle spiraling up over Peterson Creek then surprising us with sudden barrel rolls. (turning 360 degrees on the long axis of his body).

I think of the bear we passed on the drive here. A black bear by species, it had cinnamon L1210225colored fur. He lay alone in shade on a grassy bed but kept his head up to scan for danger or a possible meal.

No bears on this rocky trail back to the car. There are gulls hovering above the sparkling sea then diving for food. There is this Wild Iris, its single bloom already collapsing into a purple mess. We make do with stands of blooming blue lupine, Nagoon berries and a few chocolate lilies—the color of their little drooping bells earning them the name.



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