Joy Replaced by Determination


Driven in by rising winds determination replaces last week’s joyful exuberance in this old growth forest. Induced by the false promises of a fickle spring, the berry clans, blue and huckleberry, used their last winter reserves to flower before the storm. Now thousands of translucent and tiny Japanese lanterns rock in cold wind. We will share good crop of berries with the bears if true spring arrives in time.


P1100825On the forest floor waxy yellow skunk cabbage stalks power through new snow. Some unfurl to mimic a cupped human hand raised to catch a thrown ball. They fare best in ground now flooded by a swelling beaver pond.


Leaving the forest we find thick piles of storm driven seaweed along the beach’s high tide line. Pulsating wind pushes up forward. When a gust hits Aki’s unprotected privates she leaps in the air and then looks for the person guilty of such rudeness. I maintain enough space to avoid suspicion.



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