Dusk at the Glacier


Yesterday’s rain storm continues unabated downtown. Here at the glacier it moderates to gentle mist like drops that kiss rather than slap the surface of my rain gear.  Just freed from ice, waters from Steep Creek carve an uncertain channel through snow to Mendenhall Lake where they lose cleaving power after escaping the creek channel.  Aki and I struggle in the rain softened snow along the creek channel. She’s the first to find the firm track made by earlier visitors.


It’s 2 P.M.—dusk. Soft and grey with a rare touch of solitude granted by the rainy weather that keeps most folks inside, the day offers much to anyone willing to look toward the glacier. There’s the lake ice, thin and grey-blue near the shore and then snow white to the glacier. A dying band of cloud wanders above the lake looking to join the community of its healthier brethren congregating above Nugget Falls. We can’t see the Alp like Mendenhall Towers or Mt. McGinnis through the marine layer but the glacier’s there, snow muting its blue ice.


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