Content With the Gray



There will be no light this morning. The earth will reach the dawn tipping point at 8:41 and continue to tumble across the sun’s face until theoretical sunset at 15.06. True sunlight won’t penetrate this thick marine layer of clouds. It’s enough for we northern forest dwellers that the dark gray of dawn brightens to a soft white before merging at 3 P.M. with the dark of night.

People in Florida, where we recently completed a bicycle tour are spoiled by the light that arrives like a German train to drive the temperature into the 80’s before fading west into the palm forests. Aki, as grey as this morning sky hunts the trail snow for clues left by other dogs. When crossing an open meadow where even her small paws poke post holes in rain softened snow she allows me to lead. All other places she shoots ahead as if fearing that I will destroy important pee mail messages with my great boots.

We move alone through the glacier moraine, avoiding lake ice weakened by a recent warm spell.  Perhaps discouraged by the rain and pall of overcast the other dog walkers keep indoors today, warm and entertained by TV or conversation.  Only the faint territorial cry of a song bird and the rude chuckle of a nearby mocking bird rise above the sound of my boot steps and Aki’s breath.

I hope those reading won’t confuse my contentment with sadness.


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