Without the Wind There’d be No Drama

Without this strong north wind we would walk warm and calm down this beach. Gulls would float on flat water just offshore instead of hunkering against a far off protected shoreline. Aki wouldn’t be seeking shelter behind every rock of size. There’d be no music of bending limbs and crashing waves, just the silence of an inactive sea.

I gladly trade comfort and peace for the wind driven drama but worry about the little dog as we head out to the tip of False Outer Point to face the greatest windchill. Aki hugs the cliff side as we turn into the full force of this gale that sends waves slamming into shore.  Walking out of the cliff’s lee we enter sunlight offering no warmth.  My hands numb quickly while taking pictures.

Underdressed and overwhelmed by cold wind and bright light I lead Aki up a break in the cliffs and into forest. The wind still reaches us here but strikes with less velocity. We find an old unmaintained trail that parallels the beach and offers filtered views of the unsettled Lynn Canal. Often Aki takes the lead where fallen trees have obscured the trail.

The wind and cold are worse than on the open beach when the trail takes us along the cliff edge but the view of familiar waters in turmoil makes me forget the pain. Not a romantic, Aki urges quick passage of these portions of the trail.

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