Rapid on Set of Fall

I should be writing but an unexpected shaft of sunlight striking the lush green meadows of Douglas Island won’t let me. Even when the light strike fades I am distracted by a pale blue sky showing through breaks in the marine layer of clouds. It wasn’t like this this morning when Aki and I viewed Shaman Island hunkering beneath a Paynes Gray sky. The yellows of dying beach grass and oranges of seaweed drifts provided the only relief from the gloom. Aki doesn’t miss the sun for she is all about the scent. I’ve grown to find comfort in days dominated by fog and cloud as long the rain and wind hold off. They offer calm if you accept it.

Later we meet friends from Sitka at the mushroom hunter’s house for an Italian midday meal. The Sitka folk took the ferry here for the shopping and companionship. After dinner and conversation we head over the moraine country for a hike.

In their usual preparation for winter the beavers have once again flooded out many of our favorite moraine trails so we returned to the troll woods and a trail decorated with recently deposited bear scat. A sign near the trailhead warns of a bear showing aggression toward dogs. We have three with us, including Aki.

Believing the bears to be at a nearby salmon stream, we transit through the woods where yellowing devil’s club leaves provided a nice counterpoint for the thick yellow-green moss. We find mushrooms aplenty but none choice for eating. We also find lakes lined with yellowing cottonwoods. These trees were in summer green just days ago. 

Now, while looking down channel from our house on Chicken Ridge I can almost see the snow fields growing toward sea level on the shoulders of Douglas Island. It makes me smile.

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