Glory in the Mundane

Aki searches for friends on this dog walker trail but I sink into the calming grayness of this overcast day.  Our simple walk into the mountains starts at the front door then climbs along Gold Creek and into the Perseverance Basin. After passing the old Craftsman houses on Basin Road we turn onto a high wooden bridge where the sound of Gold Creek begins to carry away last’s week’s stress.

Common trees and plants dominate this portion of the canyon. Cotton Wood trees rise tallest here now having scattered the last of their seed down over the understory. Aki sneezes when sniffing white islands of down formed at trail edge. Some of them join other seeds hitching a ride in her fur.

The white flowers of our humble Thimble Berry lay open to the grey light. Some petals fall into cupped leafs below to mix with Cotton Wood down. I understand, for the first time, how they could be called beautiful.

Leaving the main trail we transit a flat forest formed in a Gold Creek oxbow. Treasures grow inside — the purple blue blooms of a Monkshood mixing with a few red Wild Cucumber berries. The Monkshood’ pious beauty gives no warning of the plant’s poisonous nature.  Just beyond on ground whitened by Cotton Wood down is a huddle of Ink Cap mushrooms.  These finds please me beyond reason but that is normal when finding a bit of glory surrounded by the mundane.  


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