Four Stages of Sun Acceptance

Living in the Southeast Alaska rainforest doesn’t provide many opportunities to appreciate shadows. You need sun all day for that. We get a taste of it from time to time but our sunshine is too precious to waste on shadow gazing.  People in Hawaii must be experts in the sport.

I wasn’t equipped to appreciate a fine shadow line when we first arrived on the island. First I had to go through the northern tourist’s four stage transition of acceptance.

First you wander around half stunned by the sun-drenched flowers. This happens at the Airport walking from the gate to the baggage claim. Someone planted a garden there which shimmered with late afternoon sun when we deplaned. The second stage involves a lot of pointing with finger and camera. For me this stage also involved much sniffing of flowers. By stage three you realize the danger all this skin presents to your pale skin and start applying copious amounts of sunscreen to protect it. Finally, in the fourth stage you start appreciating the crisp shadow lines thrown down daily by tropic sunshine and tropical shade trees. 

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