Oahu Leeward Transitions

Today starts in a transitioning landscape and ends watching surfers challenging storm surge waves at Yokohama Bay (Leeshore Ohau Island Hawaii). In between a wedding party invades a peaceful Oahu beach. Just after sunrise we ride our rental bicycles out of our friends’ brand new neighborhood and follow bike paths that should have taken us near Pearl Harbor. Sidetracked by children in red school uniform tee shirts (This is Hawaii after all) on their way to class, we take the wrong well marked bike path to its end at the edge of a half finished subdivision. Apparently the number of off island buyers for new houses dropped off with the world economy so the developers stopped building, leaving behind this bike path to nowhere. 

Later, after securing some tasty strawberry manju we head to a beach on the Leeward side of Oahu in time to watch a bride in white lace walk down a beach toward the water. (for a baptism?).  None of the bikini clad sunbathers appear to notice. As we leave we see another bride and groom walking to the beach,

Now it is late afternoon and we are watching brave men challenge great curling waves. They have some success until the tide changes, which forces the waves to break nearer the shore. Only the quickest can stay ahead of the tunnel of water formed by each wave. A half a dozen surfers are still loitering in the water when we drive away.

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