Drawn by the Wind

It’s lunch hour and I am standing on a wharf completely open to Taku winds. From my office I could see a long line of almost surfable waves rolling up Gasteneau Channel, a normally calm fjord.  This unusual surf drew me here. Just yesterday the morning broke clear enough to reveal the crescent moon rising over Douglas Island. Now it is all storm.

No setting on my digital camera will allow it to capture there rollers coming right at me, let alone the wind’s sting. The straight lines of waves attack the boat dock below one after the other. As each expires there, it throws spin drift onto the dock where it will freeze to record the high water line of the storm.  Farther down channel strong gusts of wind, maybe 50 or 60 miles and hour fill the air with water particles through which wind driven water devils twist to exhaustion.

In the middle of this battle field a lone sea bird rises and falls on the waves. He is not bothered by the violent water but he should take notice of a small cloud of atomized seawater being driven toward him by a Taku gust. Just in time he dives beneath the channel surface to bob up after the micro squall passes.

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