Given Time and Enough Rain

Yesterday, sunlight filtering through the forest canopy dominated our walk. Today it’s sound. Diverse tones of rain drop percussionists trump complaining eagles and the scolding Aki receives from this squirrel. Rain would deafen us if every drop made it to the understory plants. During this gentle storm I can almost count the number of drops contributing to the symphony.

The neutral patter of rain on blueberry brush provides the back ground for the richer plops made on spreading Devil’s Club leaves and baritone solos on thick curving Skunk Cabbage. Rain on the tall beach grass makes no sound but loads the tall plants with moisture that they share with passing hikers, soaking their jeans.

I am able to hear this music because man once forced this trail through the  grass and woods, reinforcing his claim by laying down a board walk that even now rots and yields space to aggressive understory plants. In one or two seasons, nature could take it back, like it has the old river trail we tried to follow yesterday. Man scars and nature heals, given time and enough rain.



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