Monthly Archives: February 2013

Choosing Peace over Depression


Robbed of drama by low clouds and snow melt temperatures, this beach walk could bring depression or peace to those sharing it with Aki and her master. Those looking forward to many years of rain forest living find peace; the rest a depression that they will try to stem with overindulgence at tomorrow’s Super Bowl party.

P1100013Aki enjoys the thawing weather for the exiting smells it releases from the trail side snow. She leaves me these naked alders, limbs twisted into awkward patterns that frame gray-brown beach, blue-gray sea, and a raft of party color harlequin ducks. The ducks float just beyond a diminutive surf line, their leaders suddenly slipping underwater then popping up to the surface to swallow their catch.

The trail takes us past the old Tlinght village where thimble berry brush covers the old canoe haul outs in summer. Today it’s all snow except for three alder trees, grown large where the fish drying racks must have been. Overhead one raven performs acrobatics on a rising wind.


Shared Memory


Memories float off this beach like fireweed down in August

fleeing from hiding spots in eagle feathers and fish bones

now abandoned by life

In one an eagle flies from an overhead spruce bough

circling then dropping to the sea

submerging talons that pull skyward

a herring dinner. My daughter, then toddler

silently watches as others clap amazement.

I want to dive into the memory

surfacing just after the capture

to ask if my baby feels pity or admiration

this child of forest and beach

where nature forms the outlines of our lives

where she falls asleep to the music of

wind and tides.